Generic 2Meter Window And Doors Sheer


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  • Sheers 1pc
  • Rod pocket design
  • Fade-resistant material
  • Wrinkle free
  • Good quality finishing
  • Quality assured
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This window sheers is made according to the size of window, anti-allergy, anti-static, anti-bacterial and durable. It blocks out sunlight and UV rays by featuring an innovative weave fabric construction. It also reduces outside glare, bringing enhanced privacy to your interior space. When installed on your bedroom windows and the choice of color is matched with your bedroom ambience and color tone, it fosters a peaceful sleep environment.

The silk sheer curtains for living room are simple and clean looking, yet amazingly long-lasting. They are made of fade-resistant, eco-friendly material that is easy to maintain, and practical. It is almost impossible to imagine a more convenient home window accessory that can instantly bring life into your living room at such a friendly cost.

When used as wall-to-wall panels, these sheers are pure in color, are made of soft drapery and are pleasant to look at and touch. Of course these qualities will give your living room, dining room, or bedroom an elegant casual feel. This curtain is perfect for bedroom, living room, as a themed background for your outdoor event, as a prop for adding the desired tone to a theatre stage or as a background in a shop window.


Black, Blue, Gray, Green, Orange, Pink, Red, White

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