Generic 30 Egg Storage Box Kitchen Refrigerator Side Door Egg Tray Egg Rack


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  • It can be stored in the refrigerator door, make full use of the vertical space of the refrigerator, save your refrigerator room.
  • 3-Layer Flip Design Egg Storage Box: The two-layer egg tray on the top of the refrigerator can be turned over when each layer is used up, making it easier to take eggs and
  • The storage box is creative, simple, space-saving, multilayer design and large capacity, which can store eggs perfectly.
  •  Long-lasting eggs container can be used easily, which is premium, stable, eco-friendly and flip design

30 Grid Egg Holder for Refrigerator 3-Layer Flip Egg Storage Container for Refrigerator Door Plastic Reusable Versatile Large Capacity Egg Organizer for Refrigerator Special Egg Storage: Transparent material is used to easily and clearly see the number of eggs remaining, and grooves are designed to keep each egg in place without fear of bumping or rolling. The spring design of the top two layers of each layer can be automatically turned over, easy to take eggs, put in.

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