Generic Over The Sink Dish Drying Rack


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  • Premium Quality: made from stainless steel with anti-corrosive baking finish
  • Stable and Non-Skid
  • The tool holder is mounted behind the shelf to save space.
  • The chopping block is 2.16inch wide and can hold two chopping boards.
  • Raise the guardrail to prevent items from falling.

Product details

Use this dish drying rack over the sink or on the counter, save tons of space and time by making it easier to access utensils and supplies, water will drop into the sink directly, make your kitchen more clean and tidy. Superior quality advanced 304 stainless steel material ensure long lasting durability, easy to clean and no rusting. Easy to assemble also convenient to carry upstairs if necessary. Use this stainless steel multi-functional over sink dish rack, enjoy your cooking everyday.
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