Generic Tabletop Fruit Rack Fruit Basket With Banana Holder


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  • Fits well in any kitchen setting or dinning table
  • Heavy Stainless Steel: Can fit upto 2 bunches of banana without tipping off to the bottom
  • This combination fruit basket with banana holder is AWESOME.
  • The bananas hangs without tipping to bottom.
  • Ideal for organizing fruits and vegetables efficiently
  • Modern table top design and chrome finish combines stylish with functionality
  • This beautiful design will fit in both modern and traditional kitchen decor
  • It’s easy and convenient to clean and it’s germ resistant
  • Durable chrome-plated steel construction

Product details

Our elegantly designed fruit basket with banana holder grabs attention while providing you with a sturdy, sensible storage place for your apples, oranges, pears, plums, small melons and more. The fruit basket provides two levels to ripen and store fruit – an 11.5 inch diameter bowl and a hanging hook that is perfect for bananas or grapes.

The tabletop Fruit Rack is the best option for household kitchen. It accommodates Fruits and Vegetables and saves space. It is designed with durability and functionality at the same time fitting the style of every kitchen. The chrome plated steel construction makes it stable and low-maintenance. It is designed with flexibility- enough to handle large household items. O

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